History of Athletics in the United Kingdom

When it comes to important discipline, patience, and courage, athletics is among the best way to achieve such an attitude. To be part of the athletics team, high level of passion and dedication are required. This is why many athletics lovers are also dedicated and passionate about supporting favourite players.

So, if you have a high interest in athletics, why not discover how everything has started. For sure, you will appreciate the game even more.


Each team sport, like basketball and football, has its national governing body that will manage each game. The same way to United Kingdom where UK Athletics governs England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

The official UK Athletics governing body

UK Athletics (UKA) is known as the United Kingdom’s governing body for athletics. It is responsible for handling various athletic events in the United Kingdom, including the athletes, athletics officials, and athletes’ development.

In 2013, the organisation decided to rebrand itself as the British Athletics outwardly. However, it remains to be legally known as UK Athletics. It is structured as a non-profit company with a limited guarantee. Each of the United Kingdom’s constituent countries is a member of it, including England Athletics, Welsh Athletics, Scottish Athletics as well as Athletics Northern Ireland.


In 1999, the UK Athletics was founded as the successor to the British Athletics Federation. The BAF collapsed due to some financial reasons like legal bill cost involved in the Diane Modahi contract.

David Moorcroft, former long distance, and British Athletics Federation’s Chief Executive headed the newly formed UK Athletics. He led UKA until 2006 right after the worst performance of Great Britain during the European Athletics Championships. The results in the Gothenburg where they won the sole gold medal in 100 meter-relay failed to meet the target improvement for the British athletics preparation for the 2012 London Olympics.


One of the much-awaited athletics events in the United Kingdom is the UK Athletics Championships. It was the annual national championship for track and field in the UK and is organized by British Athletics Federation. This event was incorporated the Olympic trials for the British Olympic team in 1980.

The UK Athletics Championship

The venue for UK Athletics Championships is described to be rotational, and its design is inclusive. The home nations namely England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland hosted the said event for the entire twenty years, which included the other areas of England.

In 1977, UK Athletics was founded, but open exclusively to British athletes. The event aims to provide an alternative to the AAA Championships. Unfortunately, it failed to displace the AAA event as well as to attract the best athletes in the nation.

The annual event format ceased after 1993. Then, in 1997, the British Federation organised an event known as British Championships which become the most important domestic competition for that season.

There you have it! Athletics will always offer incredible and exciting sports events the same way to its history.